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FBI Signs Agreement with Blacks In Government!



We have a boatload of exciting and engaging programs for our youth and I encourage your participation. We have designed the program around five critical areas that will help prepare our youth to reach their full potential—mentorship; financial literacy and leadership training; career training and education; pre-professional career opportunities; and scholarship opportunities. BIG has partnered with colleges, community organizations, government agencies, corporations, businesses, and other stakeholders who lend resources to provide youth with opportunities that foster academics, leadership development, personal growth, and life skills.

As stated by FLAG creator and former BIG National President-- The Honorable President J. David Reeves, “As BIG members, we have a collective responsibility to ensure that we introduce youth to the many career opportunities that exist in the government workforce—at the federal, state, and local levels.  Ensuring that our youth are prepared to take our place and progress to high levels in government is in our country’s best interest. Also, we must continue to prepare our youth to become future leaders in Blacks In Government. “

I encourage each of you to actively engage in the FLAG program. There are numerous opportunities for involvement.  I proudly serve as the National FLAG Coordinator.  If you are interested in volunteering, creating a FLAG program, or sharing resources, please contact me at:






Kathy K. Best                             

National FLAG Coordinator

Blacks In Government



Blacks In Government members serve as mentors to youth participating in the FLAG program. Mentoring provides success among youth by providing a stable, guiding force in transforming the lives of youth.  BIG members selected to serve as mentors will receive an orientation to the FLAG program prior to implementation.  Mentees will also have the opportunity to shadow BIG members.



This track will assist youth in understanding our government structure in order for them to navigate through our system.  It will also cover vital skills employers’ value.  Career topics such as information on financial aid, resume writing, interview techniques, and writing cover letters and thank you memos are areas to be included.  Also, topics on how best to prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Test (ACT) are very important for college admission. Plan college tours for youth participants.  Coordinate with your local schools and partner with other organizations to organize college tours.



This area will match our students to internships in government, businesses, agencies and organizations.  Matching students to career opportunities will give corporations the opportunity to develop diverse talent.  Pre-professional internship opportunities will enhance the quality of the American work force. The mission is to develop talented youth in government, business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership. Internships provide students “real-life, hands-on” experiences and opportunities in challenging work environments.



Training areas will consist of financial literacy and leadership training.  Youth receiving information on financial management will give them the advantage in understanding, establishing and maintaining good credit and making sound financial decisions.  Leadership training will prepare youth to acquire essential skills to be competent leaders as they progress throughout life.



College scholarships will be provided to students who participate in the FLAG program. In order for students to apply for any available scholarships at the National level, they must be a regular or associate BIG member.  Scholarships are already provided by many chapters.

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